A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and a Very, Very, Very Long Road


After turning down a long, seemingly abandoned, road in a 1968 Ford Galaxie named Archie, Yuna encounters a philosophical hitchhiker, a girl with (almost) pink hair and an unusual Old Lady who asks her to put all of who she is in a small empty box. Embarking on a journey down this long un-named road, our trio fall into series of mis-adventures in which they discuss the appropriate assemblage of a sandwich, struggle to pee in the woods, build illegal campfires, debate what to put in empty boxes, and contemplate their own existence.

This heart-felt quirky drama does not shy away from the truth, whether that be the fragility of dreams, homes and life itself, or the destructive nature of loss and mental disorders. “A Girl, A Boy, A Penny and a Very, Very, Very Long Road” is an indie-film that inspires trust, self-love and bravery.


The young cast, and the film’s somewhat ‘mid-road’ presentation evokes a fantastic feeling of youth passing, the pending adulthood of these characters, and well - a certain nostalgia for the previous paths they’ve taken. It is, in some roundabout way, very reminiscent of Ingmar Bergman’s one film, Wild Strawberries, which focuses on an elderly man midway upon his journey to a prized reception.
— The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

Behind the Scenes


Stephanie Blaquera

A UTM graduate, Stephanie has worked in the Toronto Independent Film Industry in varying positions, from a Production Assistant to the Props and Wardrobe departments, and recently as an Assistant Director and Production Manager. That being said, we all know Stephanie’s heart lies in photography…and she’s flipping amazing at it. Along with personal photography projects, Stephanie has been a Behind-The-Scenes Photographer on features, shorts and a web series.  

All featured BTS stills were taken by Stephanie, our brilliant team member and dearest friend. 


A Very, Very, Very Long Playlist

Music listened to during the writing and editing stages of AGABAP